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Hodonín Zoo

U Zoo 3529/1
Hodonín, 695 01

The zoo is spread over almost six hectares of flat land, which means a pleasant and comfortable walk. There are almost 400 animals to see, and 100 different types. The big cat pavilion, which is dominated by Siberian tigers and rare white South African lions, is the pride of the zoo. Other attractions include jaguars, three species of tamarins (cotton-top, red-handed, emperor) and a group of chimpanzees and vervets. In the newly renovated bird pavilion, you can admire the chestnut-eared aracari or the red-necked aracari. Other birds worth a mention are the greater flamingos and the collection of owls and laughingthrushes. In the aquarium pavilion, visitors can see a blacktip reef shark in the company of many other marine animals. Antelopes, zebras, kangaroos and camels can also be seen at the zoo. Children can feed a flock of goats and sheep.

Don’t miss the public feeding of some species of animals on your visit:

Feeding the big cats – every Friday morning

Feeding the monkeys – daily at 2:45 pm

Opening hours:
March,October 9:00 - 17:00
April - September 9:00 - 19:00
November - February 9:00 - 16:00
Adult 150CZK
Discounted 100CZK
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