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Slovácký Dvůr Minigolf (adventure golf)

Nádražní 1010
Ostrožská Nová Ves, 687 22

Slovácký dvůr is a place to spend time together with family and friends or colleagues.

There is an 18-hole recreational course with an artificial grass surface in the grounds of Slovácký dvůr. It is ideal as a leisure activity for beginners and children, as well as avid competitive players 🙂

There is no need to book. Clubs, balls and score cards can be picked up at reception from 8 am.

The leisure and sports complex with a restaurant has a multipurpose sports field, a beach volleyball court, a rope centre, an observation tower, rental of bikes, electric bikes, scooters and other sports equipment, and a wellness centre. We are the ideal place for your leisure, family celebrations, meetings, corporate events and more. We can arrange a tailor-made programme for your event or you can use our premises. Spend your time here actively and relaxing.

Areál je otevřen: PO-NE
Hole, míče a skóre kartičky si můžete vyzvednout na recepci popř. v restauraci Slováckého dvora dle aktuální otevírací doby.

dospělá osoba 120 Kč/hra
dítě 60 Kč/hra
student, senior 80 Kč/hra
rodina (2+2) 300 Kč/hra (dítě do 14 let)

psz   Disabled access
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