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Cruises on the Baťa Canal, Spytihněv

Spytihněv 329
Spytihněv, 76364

The Baťa Canal is an utterly unique waterway in the Czech Republic on which you can spend a relaxing holiday. For those of you who want to spend more time on the water and experience the Baťa Canal in all its beauty, we offer houseboats.

Our range of boats is very wide and satisfies the whole spectrum of customers.

Our houseboats are intended for crews of two to six and are equipped for comfortable camping on the water. The kitchenette has a gas cooker suitable for heating ready meals and basic utensils, including cutlery. Each houseboat is equipped with a chemical toilet.

In addition to houseboats, we also offer safe, stable Carolina skiff fibreglass boats with outboard motors and a maximum capacity of five adults. You can operate boats on the Baťa Canal or the Morava River after a short training session if you are over 15 years old. You do not need a licence to drive these boats.

There are also three canoes available for up to three people.

From our rental premises, you can go in two directions, along the Baťa Canal to the south, or north up the Morava River. Both can, of course, be combined together, and a special version designed just for canoes is “The Circle”.

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