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Nordic walking programs and scooter rental experience

Kostelní 472
Strážnice, 696 62

Nordic walking is a comprehensive, year-round sports and fitness activity with many health benefits. With us, your age, weight, health condition, or current fitness level are not obstacles. With us, it’s a joy, happiness, experience, and fun to reduce weight, shape and tone your body, and be part of cardio training. Nordic walking programs tailored specifically for you are year-round “circular” training in the fresh air in popular group programs or in individual form, as well as a physical activity for exploring the picturesque Slovácko region with a trainer/guide. We are different, and the added value for you will certainly not only be the original trainer/guide, but above all, the hospitality and openness of the Slovácko region. Discover Nordic walking in all its stylish forms with us like you’ve never experienced before.

The experience scooter rental in Strážnice, operated by the Nordic Walking Slovácko club, is a place that offers you a combination of modern physical activity, such as scootering, and, for example, Slovácko traditions. We are not a classic rental as you may know it; we are different. Whether you rent a scooter individually or take advantage of the guided experience program, you will always be surprised by the original added value of our services.

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