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Hodonín Spa

Měšťanská 140
Hodonín, 695 01

The Hodonín Spa is situated in a quiet area of a picturesque park. For over forty years, it has specialised in the treatment of the musculoskeletal system and diseases of the neurological and vascular systems. The main natural spring is iodine-bromine mineral water, drawn from a depth of two kilometres. An iodine bath is applied in individual baths and is freely available, as are classical massages, hot stone massages, aroma massages, full-body whirlpool baths and herbal baths. The spa offers private stays, gift vouchers and comprehensive or contributory treatment covered by health insurance. You can also visit the Bliss Day Spa pavilion, which is part of the spa complex. It is open every day until the evening. Popular services include: a wellness area (swimming pool, whirlpools, four types of saunas, Kneipp therapy, relaxation room and access to the green roof), an experience sauna for two to four people, a cryotherapy chamber, Fiji rituals and access to the fitness centre. The pavilion is one of the region’s architectural gems. The spa organises a number of on-site cultural events all the year round, often focused on Slovak folklore. There is also fun for all the family at Hodonín’s summer outdoor swimming pool and indoor pool.

+420 606 600 723
+420 518 395 501
+420 518 395 500
+420 518 395 506
Mainly by order
Wellness area: Mo - Fr: 14:00 - 21:00, weekends: 10:00 - 20:00
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