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Bojkovice – The House in Potok

Potok 302
Bojkovice, 687 71

The house was probably built in the 1780s. It was inhabited by the workers of the Jindřiška Smelter while it was still in operation in Bojkovice. In fact, iron ore was mined just a short way uphill from the house. Because the house is very small (40 m2), it used to be inhabited by the poorest people of the town, in particular day labourers. A coffered door leads to a small hall connecting a small kitchen and the main room. Under the entrance to the attic is a small cellar. The house was built from traditional materials in a manner that was typical for the time. Because it was abandoned for many years and used only for storage, all the main parts survived intact, including many unique details. The ceiling is made of hewn beams; the floor in the main room is earthen. In 2016, the town of Bojkovice managed to purchase the house and in August of the same year it was declared a protected heritage site. Renovations started the next year; the house was successfully dehumidified and received a new roof. The second stage of the project in 2018 included a restoration of the interior and exterior lime-clay plaster and a renovation of the joinery and carpentry elements. In 2021, a small barn was built next to the house, intended for various events for visitors. House no. 302 is included in the tours of the Bojkov Museum and is also used for education purposes.

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