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Medek Winery

Na Kopci 68
Uherské Hradiště , 68601

Josef Medek is sensitive to added acids, Jarka Medková to sulphur and their son-in-law Jaromír to artificial sweeteners and other additives commonly used in food chemistry. That’s why they make living wines that make them feel good: they don’t filter them, they use the bare minimum of sulphur, they ferment on wild yeasts until dry, and they let the wine age on yeast and fine lees.

This means they end up with a living wine that is fresh, naturally harmonious and rich in flavour, although, on the other hand, it does not last as long as a shop-bought bottle. Medek wine, naturally.

Book a tasting at the Medek Winery for four to 35 participants online using the booking system:

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