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Aviation Museum

Letecká 1383
Kunovice , 68604

At the Kunovice Aviation Museum there are no barriers between the visitors and the exhibits. Within one admission fee you can look inside the aircraft, listen to the radio communication of crews with the Kunovice airport tower and soak up the atmosphere of aviation. Check out the legendary aerotaxi, sports, commercial and military aircraft and more. At the Aviation Museum in Kunovice you can also see the legendary “Nagano Express”, an ex-government special Tupolev TU-154 M, which brought the famous Olympic hockey team from Nagano, Japan to Prague in 1998. Visit the interior of the ex-government Yak-40, which landed in Kunovice in 1990 with Pope John Paul II on board. On display there are a helicopter, a drone, a cross-section of an engine, a target tug, radar and armaments from the time of the Czechoslovak People’s Army.

Duben – červen, září a říjen: 9:00 – 17.00
Červenec - srpen: 9:00 – 20:00
Poslední prohlídka je vždy 30 minut před ukončením návštěvní doby.
Dospělí 90,- Kč
Zlevněné vstupné 70,- Kč
Rodinné vstupné (1 + 1) 130,- Kč
Rodinné vstupné (1 + 2) 180, - Kč
Rodinné vstupné (2 + 1) 190,- Kč
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