Extraordinary experiences

Staré Město Off-Road

Pískovna Boršice
Boršice, 68709

The Staré Město Off-Road Centre is a track for fun and adrenalin. The off-road track offers an unmissable experience even for complete beginners. The centre hires out its own Nissan Patrol off-road vehicles. The ride takes place under the guidance of an experienced instructor. You’ll be driving this unadulterated off-roader that captivates you with its driving performance without any electronic assistants – just raw power transmitted to all four wheels. You can take up to three passengers with you. The track is suitable not only for off-road enthusiasts but also for training drivers of emergency service vehicles, professional drivers, or for corporate and private events. The off-road centre is also used by companies to improve the skills of their off-road vehicle drivers – such as forest rangers, power engineers, water managers, etc.


  • The Nissan Patrol is powered by a six-cylinder 2.8L turbocharged diesel engine, with five-speed manual transmission with additional reduction gearing delivering 85 kW of power.

How it works:

  • You will start with a ten-minute introduction to the vehicle and the track, sitting in the passenger seat next to the instructor. If you’re interested, we can show you: how and when to engage the freewheel, reduction, locking differential, how to act off-road, how to go up and down slopes, side tilts and diagonal crossing.
  • Finally, you get behind the wheel, get into first gear, and set off for a 20-minute experience on an off-road course under the supervision of an instructor in the passenger seat.

Driving your own car:

  • Suitable for off-road vehicles or SUVs
  • Rides take place on listed dates
  • without an instructor
  • three hours’ driving time regardless of the number of people in the car
  • at the Boršice sand quarry
  • if you get stuck, we’ll pull you out
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