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Windmill in Kuželov

Kuželov, 696 73

One of the few preserved windmills in the Dutch style. Built in 1842, it served farmers from the area for over a hundred years. It ceased to be used in 1946. It is still operational, but as an exhibit managed by the Technical Museum in Brno.

Next to the mill are residential and farm buildings with an exhibition of mining and farming at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. The exhibition also includes a demonstration of the various tools used for the maintenance of the mill, which the miller usually performed himself. In July, the traditional Horňácko Folk Festival takes place here.

Opening hours
April, May, October: Sa,Su-9.00–12.00 / 13.00–17.00
MO Abgeschlossen
TU 9.00–12.00 / 13.00–17.00
WE 9.00–12.00 / 13.00–17.00
TH 9.00–12.00 / 13.00–17.00
FR 9.00–12.00 / 13.00–17.00
SA 9.00–12.00 / 13.00–17.00
SU 9.00–12.00 / 13.00–17.00
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