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Tupesy Ceramics Museum

Tupesy 118
Tupesy, 68707

The Tupesy Ceramics Museum will introduce you to the tradition of pottery and ceramic crafts, especially majolica. In the exhibition you will get to see inside a potter’s dwelling and learn about his workshop. Learn about the distinctive ceramic decoration, the “Tupesy Rose”, which is still used in its original form in many ways today. There are also preserved pieces of ceramics with different types of decoration, shapes and uses at the time. For group excursions, there is the option to spin your own piece of pottery on the potter’s wheel or paint a mug. The exhibition includes a ceramics sample shop.

+420 724530003
+420 774599250
Duben - říjen: PO - NE 10:00 - 16:00
Listopad - březen: dle telefonické domluvy
Dospělí 50 Kč
Dítě (do 6 let) 40 Kč

Dílna pro veřejnost:
150 Kč Možnost namalovat si vlastní hrníček
100 Kč Vyzkoušet si vytvořit na hrnčířském kruhu vlastní výrobek
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