Baťa Canal, Cyclotoursim

Bike trail along the Baťa Canal

Veselí nad Moravou,

The bike trail running along the banks of the Baťa Canal is more than 80 km long. It replicates the unique waterway built by Baťa’s factories to transport coal. Cyclists will often travel through the whole area without contact with any surrounding traffic. The Baťa Canal keeps away from busy roads, on the outskirts of towns and villages.

The route is mostly paved and offers regular contact with boat crews travelling along the watercourse. The Baťa marinas count on cyclists, so they are well-equipped with services. You can transport bikes on boats as well. In many places, the routes are crossed by other bike trails that lead to the areas around the Baťa Canal (such as Chřiby and the White Carpathians). Bike trails are ideal to guide you around the area, which is known mostly for its folklore and wine.

Route: Kroměříž – Otrokovice – Napajedla – Spytihněv – Babice – Huštěnovice – Staré Město – Uherské Hradiště – Kostelany nad Moravou – Nedakonice – Uherský Ostroh – Veselí nad Moravou – Vnorovy – Strážnice – Petrov – Sudoměřice – Rohatec – Hodonín – Skalica

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