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Accommodation at the Medek Winery

Na Kopci 68
Uherské Hradiště , 68601

Take a break from the busy city in Sady, a district of Uherské Hradiště. The peaceful village is known for its archaeological site with the foundations of the Great Moravian church, on Sadská Hill.

You will stay on a hill with a beautiful view, just below the 13th-century Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary. Peace of mind is ensured with a separate entrance to the ground floor of the house with its own bit of garden. There is, of course, a private bathroom and fully-equipped kitchen. Outdoor seating and a bottle of chilled wine will add to your contentment.

Bring your bikes, because there are bike trails aplenty. And if you bring hiking boots instead of bikes, you’ll be sure to enjoy your walks. The centre of Uherské Hradiště is just three kilometres away via Mařatice, off the main road. You can park right next to the apartment or in the car park by the church, Kunovice railway station is just a kilometre away, and the “Uherské Hradiště, Sady” bus stop just 350 metres.

If you like wine, don’t hesitate to book 🙂

1250 – 2350 Kč
ROOMS (number)
Studio s kuchyňkou, vlastní zahradou a pergolou (1-3 osoby) (1)
1250 – 2350 Kč
Apartmán s kuchyňkou a vlastní zahradou (3-5 osob) (1)
1250 – 2350 Kč
Apartmán bez kuchyňky (7-8 osob) (1)
1250 – 2350 Kč
Total capacity 15 beds
Kuchyňské potřeby, mikrovlnka, rychlovarná konvice, Dolce Gusto, varná deska, ložní prádlo a ručníky na pokoji, jídelní stůl, skříň, vlastní koupelna s toaletou, sprchový kout, topení, úschovna kol, řízené degustace vín, možnost zakoupení vína, teambuildingy pro firmy, oslavy, párovací obědové menu, snídaně po dohodě.
čeština, angličtina, němčina
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