Baťa Canal

Originally used for waterborne freight transport, today the Baťa Canal is used for and attracts recreation, mainly from spring to autumn. You can enjoy the Baťa Canal or the bike trails alongside it by boat, bicycle or on foot.

The historic waterway was built by Jan Antonín Baťa, who continued with the idea of his half-brother, Tomáš Baťa. There are 13 locks along its 53-km length, from Otrokovice to Skalice in Slovakia. Will you take a barge or a sightseeing boat along the “Baťak”? Or perhaps hire a houseboat? Enjoy an extraordinary holiday on the waves of the Baťa Canal, where you can travel for several days, stop at a different dock each time and set off to discover the surrounding attractions – perhaps by bike! The cycle paths along the Baťa Canal are flat and are also suitable for your little ones.

Our tip!

Bring your bikes on board or use one of the local bike hire companies. This will open up endless possibilities for trips in the surrounding area or beyond. Whether your goal is a swimming pool, monument or restaurant, it’s always easier to get there by bike!

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