Uherské Hradiště a okolí


In the region of Uherské Hradiště and its surroundings, there are many interesting natural localities, e.g. nature park Prakšická vrchovina (Prakšice Highlands), Stříbrnické paseky (Stříbrnice Clearings) on the slopes of Chřiby (Chřiby Hills) or flooded forest localities Tůň at Kostelany or Kolébky. You can be guided along beauties of Kunovický les (Kunovice Forest) and nature in the surroundings of Kostelany, Huštěnovice, Uherské Hradiště and the foothills of Chřiby by five interpretive paths.


The complex of three towns Staré Město-Uherské Hradiště-Kunovice belongs to the most important archaeological areas in the Czech Republic. You can find more in Staré Město in the Memorial to Great Moravia "Na Valách". Hradiště is rightly proud of unique sights, e.g. Old Townhall, Church of St. Francis Xavier, Renaissance Dům U Slunce (House At Sun) or Franciscan cloister with church. The most famous sights of folk architecture include the farmsteads in Topolná.

Cultural Tradition

As for museum expositions, we recommend the Memorial to Great Moravia in Staré Město, exposition of Slovácké Museum in Hradiště or family Potomák Museum of folk costumes in Popovice. Permanent exposition of the Gallery of Slovácké Museum presents famous artists of the region. In Hradiště, you can admire skills of violin-makers or visit a traditional market of craft products. The best known folklore festival is Dolňácké slavnosti písní a tanců (Lowland Festival of Songs and Dances), which takes place in July of every third year in Hluk (the next festival is due in 2005). However, Slovácko also knows other cultural traditions, e.g. The Summer Film School in July.


Wine-growing sights, which you can see while wandering along the Uherské Hradiště wine-growing trail or Moravian wine-growing trail, include regional wine shop in the chateau in Uherský Ostroh or the area of Baroque wine cellars in Uherské Hradiště-Mařatice. Numerous interesting wine events take place in this area, e.g. Easter exhibition of wines in Boršice, hill closing in Polešovice in August or vintage in Staré Město in October.

Holiday and Spa

You can get to know the beauties of the region thanks to marked paths for walkers and trails for cyclists, sailing along Baťův kanál (Baťa's Channel) or horse riding in Mařatice or Uherský Ostroh. As for numerous possibilities of sport entertainment, let us recall natural swimming pool with car camp site in Kunovice, nature swimming with the possibility of fishing in Topolná, outdoor swimming pools or indoor swimming pools in Uherské Hradiště. We may not also forget the possibility of tandem parachute jumping in Slovácký Aero Club in Kunovice. Water areas at Huštěnovice or Ostrožská Nová Ves also offer great conditions for fishing. At Ostrožská jezera (Ostrožská Lakes) you can be engaged in windsurfing or diving, too. In Ostrožská Nová Ves, there is sulphur spa, which helps cure mainly rheumatic and dermal diseases.

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