Pálava a Nové Mlýny


While wandering among Nature reserves in Pálava, you can see rare examples of steppes, e.g. Děvín or Stolová hora (Table Mountain), a piece of true flooded forest, Křivé jezero (Curved Lake) or a very rare locality with halophytes Slanisko at Nesyt. The information is provided by two interpretive paths or the nature scientific exposition in the buildings of the Protected Landscape Area Pálava in Mikulov.


What made Pálava most famous was probably the finding of Věstonická Venuše (Věstonice Venus), a statue from the era of mammoth hunters. You can learn about the results of extensive archaeological researches in the archaeological exposition in Dolní Věstonice and in the Regional Museum located in the chateau in Mikulov. The chateau forms the core of the memorial reserve in Mikulov, which also includes significant Jewish sights, especially Horní synagoga (Upper Synagogue), which is used for exhibition purposes, and a large Jewish cemetery from the 15th century. The most interesting examples of folk architecture in this region include the complex of Baroque wine cellars in Pavlov.

Cultural Traditions

In Mikulov, you can find a remarkable gallery of contemporary art works from the Art Symposia called The Workshop. International Guitar Festival has also deserved its credit. A significant pilgrimage place towers above this town - Holy Hill with age-old tradition of St. Mary wakes taking place in September.


You can learn about vineyards and cellar areas in Pálava when wandering along the wine-growing path, which starts in the Mikulov chateau with a remarkable museum exposition dedicated to wine-growing. Pálava vintage, which takes place in September, belongs to the most famous wine-growing events in the Czech Republic but there are also numerous other wine exhibitions, tasting and other events taking place all year round.


You can get to know the Pálava region as walkers or cycling tourists along beautiful marked paths and trails. You can admire it from the horseback; you can go in for sports and catch fish here. Definitely, you will not be bored.

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