The wine municipality of Pavlov lies on the eastern foothill of Děvín, about 10 km to the north of Mikulov, within the Protected Land Area of Pálava.


The municipality of Pavlov belonged to the castle Děvičky from the 13th century, but it is older. From 1334, it belonged to the property of the Mikulov manor and in the 15th century, it was the biggest wine municipality in the Mikulov region. In the area of Pavlov, there are rich archaeological sites, bringing evidence of its settlement from the times of mammoth hunters. With regard to the rich findings, the culture of mammoth hunters from the Younger Stone Age is called pavlovien.


An important building in the municipality is the Church of St. Barbara, built in 1578. The Church was rebuilt several times, it stands in the place of an older church, mentioned already in the 12th century. Most houses in the village square come from the 16th century and were changed in the style of rustic Baroque; another important place is the Česká Street with Baroque wine cellars and a Baroque cemetery with turrets on the fencing walls. Since 1995, the municipality is protected as an urban conservation area.


Pavlov lies on the foothill of the highest peak of Pálava – Děvín, which is protected as the National Nature Reserve. Other interesting natural sites include a small gravel-pit in the vineyard which is a valuable geological and palaeontological site.


Pavlov is a popular base for exploring the beauty of Pálava. Below the village, there is a yachtclub, frequently used by yachting fans.

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