The wine municipality of Březí is situated about 6 km to the northwest of Mikulov, near the border with Austria.


The municipality of Březí was founded within German colonization in the mid-13th century, when German colonists settled there and throughout the border zone of South Moravia. It was probably abandoned in the late 15th century and then re-settled after 1576. In the past, the municipality was known for button making, glove sewing and hairnet manufacture. They have always been excellent winemakers, too. They traded with Vienna, particularly cucumbers, fruit, vegetables and beans.


The main landmark of the municipality is the Church of St. John the Baptist (Czech: Sv. Jan Křtitel) from 1691-1696, which is – along the rectory with the gate and outbuildings – a listed monument. There is a chandelier in the church, probably from 1860. It is apparently the biggest chandelier of its type in the Czech Republic. It is 4 m high, the lower circle has a diameter of 2 m. It has a total of 13,684 glass crystal pendants. Listed monuments also include the statues of St. Florian and St. John of Nepomuk (Czech: Jan Nepomucký) and the chapel at the road to Mikulov. In the vicinity of the village, there are many border fortification bunkers from late 1930’s.

Cultural traditions

Noteworthy local events include a traditional feast, wine exhibitions in March and Christmas gathering with cimbalom music.


The village area includes the southern tip of the vast National Nature Reserve of Dunajovické kopce, which protects the turf steppe and steppe heathland with many rare and protected plant and animal species. Large sands east of the village are covered with acacia woods today.

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