The wine municipality of Bavory is situated on the western edge of the Pálava, about 2 km northwest of Mikulov.


The municipality of Bavory was founded in the 13th century as a colony village of the Mikulov manor, to which it belonged until 1848. From time immemorial, the residents of Bavory have grown vines in the vineyards below the Pálava hills. Its agricultural and viticultural character has been preserved until the present day.


The local landmark is the Baroque Church of St. Catherine (Czech: Sv. Kateřina) from 1742, the tower was built in 1791. Monuments listed by the State also include the statue of St. John of Nepomuk (Czech: Sv. Jan Nepomucký), the chapel at the road from Mikulov to Brno and the wayside shrine at the cemetery. Other landmarks include former Piarist house no. 70, house no. 48 with a porch from the 1st half of the 19th century, exhibition winepress house no. 25 with the statue of St. Anna and wine cellars outside the village.


From natural sights, the table mountain called Stolová hora is most noteworthy, with the village being situated on its foothill. In the National Nature Reserve of Tabulová, Růžový vrch and Kočičí kámen, the majority of important habitats of the Pálava are present (rocks, rock, turf and meadow steppe and steppe heathland), and there are here many protected species of flora and fauna. Smaller enclaves of thermophilic vegetation are protected within the nature sanctuary of Anenský vrch.


The Wine Trail of Mikulov passes through the municipality.

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