The Buchlovice Chateau Park

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The Chateau garden with the park in Buchlovice represents one of the most significant landmarks, the so called historic greenery, forming an inseparable part of the representative architecture of the manor house.


Státní zámek Buchlovice
Náměstí Svobody 13
687 08 Buchlovice


Park / lesopark

The Garden was founded concurrently with the development of the chateau from the beginning of the 18th century. The sloping terrain from the west to the east called for its terrace-like arrangement. The highest situated terrace was taken up by the chateau court with a fountain in the form of a quadribol and an obelisk in the middle. In the composition of the garden there was also included a stream. Zikmund Karel Petřvaldský had decorative wrought grilles made between pillars with putty and vases connecting buttresses of the main building and separating the court from the park. With the arrival of the Berchtolds, there came gradually to considerable enlargement of the green area of the chateau – there was being created a natural landscape park of an English type the irregular and live composition of which was formed by grassy surfaces with groups of coniferous and deciduous trees. They played an important role in plantation of exotic and rare tree species. The park brings back to life a number of statues. In the park there were founded sortimental collections of rhododendrons and there were renewed collections of bucket decorative plants. Since 1981 there has been presented a collection of the world assortment of fuchsia from the chateau garden centre every year.

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