PR Děvín

The highest and most massive peak of the Pálava, with its 554.5 m, is the Děvín with the nearby Děvičky ruins. On clear days, you can see from atop through Lower Austria to the Alpine peaks and through the South Moravian lowlands to the long silhouette of the Little Carpathians in Slovakia. Along with other peaks, the Děvín ranks among the first spring destinations of many tourists. Steep hillsides welcome them with yellow flowers of blossoming dogwood, later on with white flowers of Mahaleb cherry and at the end of April with long-awaited yellow-violet carpets of Iris pumila, blooming on the rock steppes together with yellow pheasant’s eyes. Czernohorskya grandiflora belongs to real jewels growing in the rock crevices. It cannot be found anywhere else in the nature of the Czech Republic. Between rocks, you can also see European Green Lizard or Praying Mantis.


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