St. Wenceslas Church

 Shortly after the founding of the Břeclav castle, in the bailey near the present town square, a church dedicated to St. Wenceslas was established; in 1141 it was one of the six most important churches in Moravia. On the same site several churches were gradually built, the last of which was destroyed during the bombing of Břeclav in 1944. The place in the middle of the square was then left empty until the mid-nineties of 20th century, when a new church was consecrated here, again with St. Wenceslas as a patron.

When viewed from the outside, very impressive is the placement of bells in the vista between the towers. In the basement of the church, uncovered portions of the original Romanesque church have been made accessible. Here you can also see a permanent exhibition documenting individual periods of the existence of the church in Břeclav from the Romanesque period up to now.

Opening hours

July, August: daily 8:30–12:00, 13:30–18:00 

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