Mikulov Castle

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One of the most beautiful castles in Moravia originated after a Renaissance reconstruction of a castle built in the 13th century.


Regionální muzeum v Mikulově
Zámek 1
692 01 Mikulov


phone number: +420 519 309 019 (Regionální muzeum v Mikulově)
fax: +420 519 309 030

Ottokar I of Bohemia (Czech: PřemyslOtakarI.) had a massive stone castle built on the hill called Zámecký vrch to protect the unsettled border with Austria. From the mid-13th century, the Liechtensteins were building it for three centuries. After 1575, the period of Renaissance came to Mikulov with the Dietrichsteins and Cardinal František Dietrichstein had the Castle rebuilt into a beautiful château in 1611-18, corresponding with the needs of an early Baroque cavalier, not lacking even a theatre. The end of the Thirty Years’ War brought about Swedish plundering, but even worse was a fire which destroyed the Jewish Quarter and a major part of the Castle in 1719. After its Baroque reconstruction, the Castle became a place of important peace negotiations several times, with such European great men as Napoleon Bonaparte or Otto von Bismarck. The last big disaster was the fire at the end of World War II. The Castle was only spared demolition thanks to the resolve of Mikulov inhabitants and the fact that removal of the Castle ruins would be more expensive than repairing it. Today, the Castle houses the Regional Museum of Mikulov.

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